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ADORAtherapy Aromatherapy

ADORAtherapy Aromatherapy

SAMPLEAfter reading Adoratherapy’s mission and closely examining some of their vegan product line, they seem to be a great deal more than just another aromatherapy company. Their mission and modernized methods of bringing the powers of scent-based healing to the masses are definitely worth a look. If you’re looking to boost, calm, motivate, or alter your mood in a simple and powerful way, this may be for you.

Scent is so powerful. It can take us back to distant memories, ground us in the present moment, or change our mood altogether. On Adoratherapy’s webpage, they explain the different ways in which high-quality essential oils can affect us – check it out here.

I tried out three of their products: Chakra Boost, Mood Boost Spray, and Good Mood Boost Mist. (You can tell I like to boost my mood, right?)

Chakra Boost Roll-On

Adoratherapy Aromatherapy
In case you need some context, chakras are non-physical energy centers in the human body. There are believed to be seven primary ones, through which we experience difference life forces. Adoratherapy gives a good, brief explanation here.

For each chakra, they offer a vial of roll-on scent to help you channel that particular kind of energy. Which scent suits you is a personal choice and I enjoyed the two I picked, (I Belong/Vitality and I Can/Motivation.) But what I liked most of all is the directive on their webpage: “Live a more intentional life, roll on breathe in and get back to center.” Just the ritual act of reading the bottle, applying the scent, and taking a deep breath of it can help boost whichever chakra you’re focusing on.

Mood Boost Spray

These are a similar idea to the chakra roll-ons but focused on different moods instead of energy centers. They use a really good variety of oils so each spray actually has its own unique smell. I tried out the “Balanced” spray which boasted notes of rose, gardenia, and jasmine. It’s quite strong – you’ll only need one spritz. It helped clear my head, but I wouldn’t want to wear it as a perfume.


Good Mood Boost Mist

Adoratherapy Aromatherapy
Unlike the other two products, this one is for your space – spray it around the room. Because it diffuses into the air, it’s lighter and more pleasant. I like to think of it as clearing away unhappy energy in the room with a little jar of happiness in mist form.

In keeping with their respect for the human mind, body, and spirit, Adoratherapy takes great pains to respect the environments and plants from which their plants are sourced. One more thing to feel good about!

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