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brands that test on animals

Brands That Test on Animals

I don’t usually talk about the brands that are NOT cruelty free, because there are so many good brands that ARE!

brands that test on animals

Brands’ cruelty free statuses change all the time (so check this cruelty free beauty list for current updates). But I wanted to mention some of the brands that I avoid and it makes me sad. Some of them test on animals outright, but many do it because they want to sell in countries that REQUIRE animal testing (like China). They usually say things about testing, “only when required by law.” This is a PR spin, because basically, no one is forcing them to sell in China. It’s all about the money baby.

(Updated March 2017 –  subject to change): So here’s my list of brands that I want to buy, and as soon as they stop animal testing, selling in China, or working with suppliers who test on animals, I’d love to buy them again. Until then – no deal!

Please note – if I am wrong about any of these and you have proof, please let me know. To the best of my knowledge and research, these are brands that are currently involved in animal testing in some form or fashion.

Brands that Test on Animals:

  • Sephora’s House Collection (NOT including Kat Von D)
  • Anything from Proctor & Gamble, Unilver, Johnson & Johnson
  • Anything form Estee Lauder
  • Other brands:
    Amazing Cosmetics
    American Beauty (EL)
    Anna Sui
    Aramis (EL)
    Bath & Body Works
    Benefit (was never cruelty free to my knowledge)
    Bobbi Brown (EL)
    Bumble and Bumble (EL)
    C. Booth by Freeman Beauty
    Calvin Klein
    Clarisonic (sold in Sephora China)
    Clean & Clear
    Clinique (EL)
    Cover Girl
    Darphin (EL)
    Dolce & Gabbana
    Donna Karan (EL)
    Dr Brandt (Sephora China)
    Dr Jart (Sephora China)
    Elie Saab (Sephora China)
    Energizer Holdings (Schick, Gilette, Hydro Shave, Playtex, etc)
    EOS (mainland China)
    Ermenegildo Zegna (EL)
    Estee Lauder (EL)
    Flirt (EL)
    Fusion Beauty (Sephora China)
    Giorgio Armani
    GoodSkin Labs (EL)
    Got 2 Be
    Grassroots Research Labs (EL)
    H2O+ (Sephora China)
    Hawaiian Tropic
    Head & Shoulders
    Hugo Boss
    Irish Spring
    J F Lazartigue (Sephora China)
    Jimmy Choo
    John Frieda
    Johnson & Johnson
    Jo Malone (EL)
    Kiton (EL)
    La Mer (EL)
    Lab Series for Men (EL)
    Lady Speed Stick
    La Roche Posay
    Laura Mercier
    Lever 2000
    Lorac (questionable – here is their latest response “Lorac – LORAC does not support the testing of products on animals and we ask all suppliers to support this point of view and all suppliers state that they do so. LORAC does not use a third party to test on animals. LORAC does not sell in countries requiring animal testing.  Please note, LORAC cannot warrant or certify that all suppliers who say they do not test on animals in fact do not test on animals. Additionally, notwithstanding the statements of suppliers to LORAC, LORAC has no way of knowing what the “suppliers of the suppliers” are doing. In regards to the vegan ingredients there is no way to know for sure due to the lack of control over raw ingredients.
    MAC (EL)
    Make Up Forever
    Malin + Goetz
    Mama Mio
    Marc Jacobs Beauty
    Marc Jacobs Fragrances (owned by Coty)
    Mario Badescu (store in Shanghai)
    Mary Kay
    Max Factor
    Michael Kors (EL)
    Missoni (EL)
    Mont Blanc
    New York Color
    Nicole by OPI
    Nina Ricci
    Ojon (EL)
    Old Spice
    Origins (EL)
    Pat McGrath
    Pet Head
    Peter Thomas Roth (Sephora China)
    Pevonia Botanica
    Prescriptives (EL)
    Q-tips brand
    Revlon (Revlon has pulled out of China for financial reasons – it’s not clear if they are CF now)
    Right Guard
    Rimmel London
    Roberto Cavalli
    Sally Hansen
    Sampar (Sephora China)
    Sean John (EL)
    Sephora house brand (including Hello Kitty)
    Shu Uemura
    Simple Skincare
    Sinful Colors
    Smashbox (EL)
    Soft & Dri
    Speed Stick
    St. Ives
    Talika (Sephora China)
    The Art of Shaving
    Tom Ford (EL)
    Tommy Hilfiger (EL)
    Tony Moly
    Tyra Beauty
    Vera Wang
    Victoria’s Secret
    Vidal Sassoon
    Walgreens house brand
    Wella (Sephora China)
    Younique (According to Logical Harmony – Do not verify nor require that their suppliers of ingredients or companies that they work with in manufacturing their products are cruelty-free.)
    Yves Rocher
    ZIRH (Sephora China)
    Zoella Beauty

There are plenty more animal testers – this is just a sampling. Check here for an up to date list of brands that ARE cruelty free. Also check out the gold standard of cruelty free beauty – Leaping Bunny for a list of brands that have been audited and approved.

One way to check which brands are selling in mainland China (Hong Kong is safe), is to look up Sephora China and then have Google translate the page (if you don’t speak Chinese!). Here’s a link to a list of brands sold in Sephora China stores. Let me point out that Sephora carries many cruelty free brands. I don’t stay away from stores like Sephora and ULTA that carry multiple brands, but I do avoid the brands that are involved in animal testing.

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You can see my regularly updated list of cruelty free brands here!

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  1. I do and if I have to give something I give what is right, But regretfully if the people around you don’t care you cant make them.

  2. OMG OPI? Didn’t they swear they won’t start testing after they were bought out by L’oreal? Yves Rocher also makes me sad 🙁

  3. And I would love to buy Pure Ice and Sinful Colors nail polish, but Revlon has ruined that for me. I will not give my money to companies who say they don’t test but are owned by those who do. And the same is with OPI.

  4. Ooh, I didn’t know about Clarisonic! So glad I donated my Mia 2 🙂 But Kat Von D is okay?

  5. Jen, why must you be the bearer of bad news!!! I could have sworn Boscia was cruelty-free.

    I do like the idea of this list though. We often focus on companies that are in the grey, but not necessarily pointing out the ones that are for sure in the bad.

  6. I am is sad as well. I’ve been buying Cover Girl for years thinking they were non animal tested. I have been using their powder foundation and Mink Vison eyeliner for so many years, they’ve become part if my face! But I have to remember what the picture above says, “Do what is right. Not what is easy.”

  7. Jen, thanks so much for doing the leg work and keeping us informed and updated with this information…i do research as well and make better decisions with all the information that’s out there. thanks again 🙂

  8. Philosophy says on their website that they do not test on animals?? http://www.philosophy.com/faqs/frequently-asked-questions,en_US,pg.html

  9. But Philosophy is owned by Cody which does test on animals.

  10. Yes Kat Von D is cruelty free.

  11. Ugh it’s so hard to read this list and see some of my favourite brands on there! The truth is that there are so many good non-testing on animal companies that if we stopped shopping at the guys that do they would be forced to make a decision. I think the realistic problem lies in the cost. For example, Butter nail polish can run about $17, compares to a cheap Revlon one for $8. Not everyone has the disposable cash. It’s the same issue with eating organic vs. not. There needs to be something that changes at the core of this problem for people to really make the switch.

  12. They also say ‘they’ don’t do it. Nothing about any other parties they may outsource testing to, or test on their behalf. You need to read between the lines with companies when it comes to animal testing.

  13. theres an app called cruelty cutter and i scanned my philosophy and benefit items and its saying they ARE cruelty free. im not sure if the app is updated as well as brands when they change. this is just want i found through that app.

  14. Since visiting your blog the ads have been for companies that test on animals…they make their presence felt everywhere. Urban Decay sells in China now. NYX as well…you’re right when you say that a company’s status can change…and all for profit.

  15. Hello My Beauty Bunny!
    Do you know if By Terry test their product on animals or have any other parties do it for them? I couldn’t find them anywhere on your lists.
    Thank you.

  16. Urban Decay and NYX don’t sell in mainland China. And all of my ads right now are Google AdSense which are based on your browsing history.

  17. Never heard of that app but it’s incorrect.

  18. Hi there! Do you know if the Walgreens brand “studio 35 beauty” is cruelty free?

  19. I just realised that The Body Shop is owned by L’Oreal! But The Body Shop is on the cruelty free list. How does that work?

  20. The Body Shop was acquired by L’Oreal under the condition that they would maintain their cruelty free status. See our cruelty free brands page for more on parent companies who do test.

  21. I use most of these brands. I always assumed they were cruelty free but I guess not. 🙁 It’s especially messed up that a lot of them USED to be cruelty free but decided to sell out to China. From this point on I will only buy cruelty free products. Thanks so much for making these lists!

  22. Benifit do test in animals unfortunately

  23. Hello!
    Your website says Avon still does animal testing. They stopped animal testing in 1989.

    A direct quote from the Avon website:
    “In June 1989 Avon announced a permanent end to animal testing of our products, including testing done in outside laboratories. Avon was the first major cosmetic company in the world to end animal testing. For more than 20 years Avon has independently substantiated the safety of its products without animal testing.”


  24. Avon sells in China, a country that requires animal testing. They are not cruelty free now, and won’t be until they pull out of China or China changes its laws (wishful thinking!)

  25. I would just like to say that loccitane do not test on animals and never have.

  26. I currently use Eucerin as it has helped my slightly problem prone skin. Can you recommend a skincare/cleanser brand that is cruelty free?? [and available in South Africa?!]

  27. Anything with shea butter will be a good equivalent to Eucerin!

  28. I am SO disappointed to learn that Burt’s Bees, Aveda and Tom’s are part and party to animal testing, being as how they are “guilty by association.” Recently I bought a new makeup line that the sales person assured me was NOT tested on animals…NARS, but since I am unable to find them on ANY list, I am suspicious. Do you have any information on this brand? Thanks.

  29. Beauty Without Cruelty is a great brand. Check them out, their cleanser is superb.


  30. Nars is Cruelty free but they are owned by Shiseido, who is not cruelty free.

  31. Thank you for this information, disappointing as it is! Seems everyone has “sold their soul” to the almighty dollar, and that just infuriates me! So, the “hunt” continues!

  32. Very confused since Benefit explicitly states in its FAQ that it IS cruelty-free and doesn’t support it.

  33. Burt’s Bees is cruelty-free.

  34. This page seriously needs to be updated. I’m telling you right now that philosophy is cruelty-free. Chanel & Dior do not test their beauty products on animals.

    As for the rest of the commentators, a company, like Victoria’s Secret, can own another company, like Bath & Body Works, where one tests on animals and the other company is completely cruelty-free.

  35. I was told that Burt’s sold out to the Chinese market, thereby insuring there WILL be testing done in/for that country, much as others have done.

  36. Unfortunately, the companies you mentioned sell their products in China, a country that requires animal testing by law.

  37. Benefit has never been cruelty free. These companies often “spin” their animal testing policy verbiage to make it sound as if they are cruelty free. For example, “finished products not tested on animals” does not mean the ingredients used weren’t tested. Some companies don’t test, but they choose to sell in China, where the gov’t mandates testing. There are many other ways to spin it – those are just a couple of examples.

  38. As far as I know, Burt’s Bees does not sell in China. If you have proof, please email me or post it here.

  39. Unfortunately, they are sold in China, a country that requires animal testing.

  40. I haven’t heard of them, sorry. But, you should write and ask what their animal testing policy is, if their ingredients suppliers test on animals, and if they are sold in countries that require animal testing (like mainland China – Hong Kong is an exception).

  41. Okay, a year later, I realize that’s the Beagle Freedom Project app – hopefully they have updated it since then.

  42. There are some great inexpensive cruelty free brands like Milani, Wet N Wild, Flower, Nuance, Zoya, 100% Pure, Pacifica, and many more – check my list of cruelty free brands (at the top and on the right side of the page) for more drugstore brands.

  43. I emailed chanel about animal testing and this was their response “Thank you for taking the time to contact Chanel.

    Please be assured that we comply scrupulously with the European Union’s regulations which only authorize alternative methods to test cosmetic products and their ingredients.

    We appreciate your understanding and continued interest in Chanel.”
    Does this mean that the company is cruelty free

  44. Hi Courtney – unfortunately, that reply doesn’t cover all the bases. Here’s what I recommend asking brands: 1. Are the finished products tested on animals by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company?

    2. Are the products tested on animals during the production process by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company?

    3. Are any ingredients used in the products tested on animals by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company?

    4. Are any ingredients used in the products tested on animals by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company to comply with any laws and regulations?

    5. Are any ingredients used in the products tested on animals, or do they contain ingredients that have been tested on animals, by the company, an ingredient supplier, an affiliate company, or a 3rd party supplier in order to comply with laws such as TSCA, CEPA, ELINCS, EINECS, REACH, NICNAS, SCCP, etc?

    6. Are the products sold in any markets where animal testing is required by local law and regulations (China, etc)?

    7. Are the products vegetarian? (no animals killed for the products – i.e. some forms of collagen, squalane, etc.)

    8. Are the products vegan?
    chiefbunny recently posted..Pyore Argan-Apple Nourishing Night Cream ReviewMy Profile

  45. Is there any information about Guerlain?

  46. Hello, I just wanna know that does Korres still test on animals because i’ve recently seen that they don’t. Thank you

  47. This is as great site but the info is 2 years old. Would be great if you could update!

  48. You listed Biore as being tested on animals, yet Paula’ Choice states it is not tested on animals.
    Which is the truth?

  49. Hi Jackie – can you give me the link? I don’t see it on the PC site.
    chiefbunny recently posted..Lipstick League – What’s Your Go-To Shade of Nail Polish?My Profile

  50. I love Paula’s Choice – but I don’t think they investigate as thoroughly as I would like. You can see Tashina lists Biore on the naughty list, and I trust her completely. https://logicalharmony.net/cruelty-free-brand-list-brands-to-avoid/

  51. I love Paula’s Choice – but I don’t think they investigate as thoroughly as I would like. You can see Tashina lists Biore on the naughty list, and I trust her completely. https://logicalharmony.net/cruelty-free-brand-list-brands-to-avoid/

  52. Actually I see a lot of brands that are not cruelty free on the Paula’s Choice list (most are selling in China or they are not using cruelty free ingredient suppliers): Marc Jacobs, Sally Hansen, Kate Somerville, Laura Mercier, Mario Badescu, Lorac, Carol’s Daughter, Ole Henriksen and several more. I don’t know if this is a very outdated list, or what, but I would not trust it one bit.

  53. Could you please upload an updated version of this list? Thank you very much.

  54. Hi Carla, you can see a list of brands selling in China (that are NOT cruelty free) here: http://mybeautybunny.com/cruelty-free-brands/
    chiefbunny recently posted..NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Swatches and ReviewMy Profile

  55. Hi! Tyra Beauty is actually cruelty free. She does not test on animals with her products. Asked by me, answered by Tyra herself in person. I met her last October.

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