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Lisa Oliver Beverly Hills

My New Dream Team for GREAT Hair

Last week I went to two different salons to get a cut and color – in one day. And OHMYGOD was it worth it! Seems weird, but think about it – cutting hair and coloring hair are two very different things. I’d rather go to two different experts than one ...

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DIY Beauty Tips

We’re all trying to save a little money, and one of the best places to start is with your beauty routine. Some items are splurge-worthy and some aren’t. Which beauty products to splurge on is an entirely personal decision. Personally, I think my NARS foundation, DermOrganic hair products and my ...

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Surya Brasil

Unique Hair Care from Surya Brasil

Abi Mogge, Staff Writer. I’m here to report that dyeing my hair with henna has become my favorite new way to change up my look, thanks to Surya Brasil’s henna cream. Changing your hair color is an instant pick-me-up and the semi-permanence of henna cream makes this a great option ...

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makeup wars cruelty free

Makeup Wars: ALL TIME Best Cruelty Free Beauty Favorites!

This is my FAVORITE Makeup Wars post of all time! Cruelty free – hooray! Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest – how can I pick my faves? There are too many! Well, here are 10 of my favorite “you must buy these immediately” kind of cruelty free products (i.e. ...

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avocado for hair

America’s Beauty Secret: Avocados!

I’ve been searching high and low for America’s beauty secret so I can present it to the international beauty blogger group in London next week. Fellow beauty blogger, Tyna from We Heart This, and I went on a shopping excursion to find the ultimate American beauty product. We figured it ...

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American beauty secrets

What’s Your Secret?

So I mentioned that I’m representing the US for Boots No 7, and they want to know – what is America’s beauty secret? Is it a product that started in the US or is only sold here? Is it a treatment or procedure? Is it a DIY specialty? I asked ...

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