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Jack Black All Day Oil Control Lotion

Despite my feelings regarding the actor of the same name, I really enjoyed using the Jack Black All Day Oil Control Lotion. Truthfully, I have little experience with oil controlling products and had been generally resigned to forever having shiny, high-beam reflecting skin.  Useful perhaps, when deflecting Dr. No style ...

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I have since been made a recent convert of moisturizing aftershaves.  I used to think of shaving as an austere ritual more closely resembling mortification of the flesh than a beauty treatment. The Soy Spacasso Manstyle Soothing Aftershave Moisturizer turns that notion on its head with its ultra-luxe, ultra-creamy emollient. ...

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Billy Jealousy – Men’s Grooming Line

Are you a man approaching middle age and desperately clinging to your youthful cachet?  Then the Billy Jealousy line of health and beauty aids is just the salve to ease your gradual decline into mediocrity. Self mockery aside, I wholeheartedly endorse the brand.  I was quite skeptical at first when ...

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A Man’s Perspective – Concealer for Zits!

Much to the annoyance of my girlfriend, I cannot shut up about Almay Smart Shade Concealer.  I have found this concealer indispensable to my grooming regimen. Even though puberty is far back in my rear view mirror (I decline to say how far), I still, occasionally, break out.  In this ...

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A Man’s Perspective – regiMEN Age Correcting Serum

To reassure any guy who, like myself, cares way too much, this product (regiMEN Age Correcting Serum by IQ Derma) is neither flirty nor sassy.  The packaging is clean and devoid of excessive ornamentation and is therefore less likely to be mistaken for your girlfriend’s night moisturizer.  And it smells ...

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