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acure organics product review my beauty bunny

Acure Organics Review

Acure Organics Skincare and Haircare It’s no longer enough for a company just to be cruelty free. Customers are clamoring for all-natural, organic ingredients too. The beauty science of plants is a new market and everyone wants to get in on the fun. One such company is Acure Organics. Sometimes ...

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MyChelle Cleanser

MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser

Vegan Cleanser – MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser Review I apologize, but you’ll only find two pictures of the product in this review. The first was taken when I first received the product sample. And the second was taken when I realized OOPS, the bottle is empty! I used the entire ...

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5 DIY Face Masks My beauty Bunny

5 Must Try Face Masks For All Skin Types

5 DIY Face Masks To Try At Home Everything you need for beautiful skin is right in your own kitchen. It’s incredibly easy to make your own face masks at home. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, there’s a perfect mask to make you skin look stunning. Oily ...

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lather toning eye gel my beauty bunny

LATHER Toning Eye Gel With Vitamin K

LATHER Cruelty Free Lightweight Eye Gel. A long time ago, I was staying at a mid-range fancy hotel. I make it a point to NEVER use the hotel-provided toiletries because I can’t be sure whether or not they are cruelty-free. So imagine my delight when I inspected the tiny bottles only ...

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michael todd pumpkin mask my beauty bunny

Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask

Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask Review Is your skin feeling a little dull or out of whack lately? Needs a boost? A little helping hand? I’ve got the perfect thing for a complexion that needs a bit of refinement, the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask. This powerful, yet gentle enzymatic mask will ...

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Skin by Carla Hydrafacial Review

My Birthday Beauty Prep!

Well, it’s that time of year again – my 35th birthday and My Beauty Bunny’s 6th birthday! I have to tell you about the amazing ladies who helped me get prettied up for my birthday festivities this week. Birthday beauty prep time! First, I got a custom facial from the ...

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