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Murad Pore Reform

Dr. Murad Explains: What the Heck is “Porexia”?

Article by Dr. Howard Murad Farewell fine lines; step aside wrinkles and sun spots. There’s something else catching our eye as we sit for hours in front of the mirror, examining every inch of our skin. People have been obsessed with lines, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation for decades, but now ...

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argan oil uses

What’s the Deal with Argan Oil?

Argan Oil Benefits By Chetana of StyleCraze.com. Argan oil is known for its magical health benefits and is also used in cosmetic products as it provides various benefits to hair and skin. It is obtained from the argan tree which is native to Morocco and hence is also called Moroccan ...

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lavender beauty products

Are You a Lavender Lover?

Lavender is often a love or hate scent. Somewhere down the line, I have associated lavender with spas (in my head), so I find it to be calming and a lovely scent for bath and body products.Β The lavender plant is known for its disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. If you’re ...

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DIY Facial

DIY: Beauty Secret For Glowing Skin

By Gee Kauer of Bellashoot. LastΒ timeΒ I wrote to you about a DIY tightening mask and hope you got a chance to try and liked it. I’ll continue the focus on the face for this post too and reveal another one of my mom’s biggest beauty secrets. My mom doesn’t really ...

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DIY blueberry mask

DIY Blueberry Mask

I was feeling crafty last night, so I mixed up a batch of blueberry awesome-ness to make my own DIY Blueberry Mask! It’s super easy to make. Blueberries are powerful antioxidants and great for your skin. In addition to putting them on your face, you should EAT them for great ...

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indie lee clearing mask review

Best Cruelty Free Face Masks for Every Skin Type

Face masks! Everyone loves them, but do they do anything? What type should you get for your skin type? What ingredients should you look for? Read on, my friend – we have cruelty free face mask recommendations for every skin type! Dry Skin Face Mask Try the vegan LUSH Oatifix ...

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