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How to Make Your Hair Light and Voluminous with Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Products

This is a post from contributing writer Victoria.

Every woman wishes to achieve the bouncy, voluminous hairstyles we see every day in magazines or TV advertisements, most notoriously on the likes of Cheryl Cole or Miranda Kerr. Unfortunately the reality is that most normal women do not have a hairdresser with them every hour of the day to ensure that every hair is intact and combed to perfection. In such a case, we need to depend on haircare brands to deliver products that will help us achieve a result that is somewhat comparable. There are many haircare brands out there, but some stand out as really offering products that work – and work amazingly well. Due to visiting a salon that always used Paul Mitchell products, I became a massive fan of not only the fresh and wonderful scents but also the way it made my hair feel and react. For years now I have purchased Paul Mitchell styling and shampooing products and would definitely say it is my favorite haircare brand. But what can it do for you?

I have three favorite Paul Mitchell products that I want to mention. I find that by using a combination of two or more of these products, that my hair is left feeling light, bouncy and voluminous, much more so than any other brand I own.

If it is the squeaky clean feeling that you are after, then look no further than the Super Strong Daily Shampoo, part of the Paul Mitchell Strength range. The shampoo is wonderful for quickly lathering up and really removing all traces of dirt or oil. Out of all of my shampoos that I own, this lathers up the most, meaning that you can really work the product into your scalp and nourish the hair from root to tip. After washing off the suds, the hair feels so clean and fresh. If you’re looking for a shampoo to use as a once a week strong shampoo to remove all styling product build-ups, this is fantastic.

Its partner in crime and the piΓ©ce de rΓ©sistance in my opinion is the Super Strong Daily Conditioner. After washing your hair to perfection with the shampoo, the conditioner can be worked over the length of the hair, focusing mainly on the tips and you can immediately feel how soft it is making your hair. After washing out the product after about a minute, the hair feels like silk and truly nourished.

After drying off any excess water with a towel, I then use about half a palm full of the Paul Mitchell Sculpting foam. I rub it between my hands before flipping my wet hair over and running it lightly near to the roots, over the lengths and then through the ends, making sure all traces of the foam are rubbed in. Foams and mousses have such a stigma and are often regarded as leaving your hair crispy and lifeless, but using just enough of this product ensures that your hair will be bouncy and light.

I then keep my hair flipped over and blow-dry it upside down until it is dry. I don’t use a brush as this will reduce any volume but instead lightly run my hands through it to separate the hair and ensure it is drying throughout. This means that the hair will reach its full volume potential due to drying with the roots being raised rather than lying flat on the scalp.

This combination of products mixed with the drying routine means that my hair is always so much bouncier and volumized that it ever was. The shampoo and conditioner make the hair feel weightless and super clean whilst the foam adds body and texture to help form bounce and volume. I could not recommend them more and I truly hope they work as well for you as they do for me.

Victoria, In the Frow

Victoria writes for her beauty and fashion blog In the Frow where she reviews, compares and styles the products she loves. She can also be found on twitter, @inthefrow .

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  1. I’ve used this product before and it’s a really good shampoo. The smell reminds me of a Ralph Lauren perfume. πŸ™‚

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