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Highlights for Your Face Shape and Hair Color


Fall is now approaching and you can still wear highlights and colors that will accent your hair color and facial shape. Here are some helpful examples as well as suggested cruelty free products. Color and highlights can do more than just lighten or add dimension to your hair; they can also change the look of your face. This is the main reason why picking the right color and placement for your highlights is important.


 – For a more full texture, strawberry blonde highlights are the best route to take. Another technique used in many international salons is the Brazilian Blonde look, where highlights are only added to the tips of the hair. When adding highlights, make sure you keep you skin tone in mind! Your hair stylist should be able to help you in making the right decision so it will not be a disaster. Another point to keep in mind is making sure that you don’t want to over color aka over process your hair. If you do this and without proper treatment, you will have excessively damaged hair.

Suggested Color Line Products: Paul Mitchell cruelty free products are safe for hair coloring

Red Heads – Colors that compliment red hair are fuchsia, golden-blonde, and champagne shades. What this means is, if your hair is warm red, copper or champagne tones should be used. If your hair is cool red, use golden blonde highlights and/or low lights. Because your hair may be in highlighted or streaked condition (if you’re not naturally blonde) you must use treatments to protect your hair from becoming brittle.

Suggested Products: Use Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment by Paul Mitchell

Brunettes –  A lot of people believe that wearing highlights can make an older woman look younger… in some instances this holds true, but for the average bleached babe going a little darker actually makes you look younger. There are a wide range of brown shades that look great on the average brunette, but caramel and copper shades will bring you the most definition. Being a brunette causes the least damage to your hair because it doesn’t require the use of bleach, which makes it safer to use.


Round Faces 
 – To help slim your face, you can ask your stylist to place the highlights more on the lower portion of your hair from your ears down. By keeping a lot of highlights away from your hairline & adding lowlights in the crown area, you can make your rounded cheeks appear more angular.

Heart Faces
  – Using highlights around your crown will balance out your facial type so the result will not look like you have narrow cheeks.

Long and Narrow Faces
 – Adding some highlights underneath your hair (the lower section of your hair) will make your face appear shorter. Its also vital to add long layers so that the colors will make your face look more fuller and added volume.

Square Faces
 – Highlights evenly placed in the front of your hair will soften your jaw line.


Guest post by veteran Celebrity Hairstylist Moira “Fingaz” Frazier.Fingaz” has a long list of celebrity clientele including The Britney Spears Tour, VH1, and much more. Moira “Fingaz” Frazier was most recently featured on the Oxygen Network’s “Hair Battle Spectacular” and returns this season as a guest judge.

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