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MAC is No Longer Cruelty Free


I am SO sad to find out that MAC is no longer cruelty free. Tashina from Logical Harmony broke the news that MAC has been removed from the PETA cruelty free list and has changed their official animal testing statement to this:

M.A.C has a longstanding policy to not test on animals, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.

When a company says, “except when required by law” it usually means they want to do business in a country (like China) that requires animal testing. I don’t know if this is the case, but it’s my best guess.

Beauty blogger, Phyrra, has written to MAC and their parent company, Estee Lauder, and I encourage you to do the same.

Write a letter to MAC at:
MAC Cosmetics
Attn: Customer Service
130 Prince St.
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10012

Email a letter to MAC at:

Email a letter to Estee Lauder at:

While your letter can be as long and as heartfelt as you like, here is Phyrra’s letter. You can use this as your sample letter too.

Phyrra’s Sample Letter:
Dear Customer Service,

I have been a MAC fan for over a decade. I enjoy your products and hope to continue to purchase them in the future. However, I am currently heartbroken to find out that MAC is no longer cruelty free and no longer lives up to their motto of “Tested on Models, Not on Animals.”

While I understand the need to make sure that products are safe for consumers to use, I am deeply concerned over this recent change in MAC Cosmetics policy on animal testing that I read about at the beauty blog Logical Harmony here:


I am concerned about MAC starting to do animal testing because it is no longer necessary in this day and age. Additionally this issue affects the entire makeup community because MAC is a very popular brand with a lot of influence. Starting in 2013, the UK will have banned animal testing. Being a successful company is not just about the money, it’s about being able to sleep with yourself at night and not hurting animals.

Please rethink your new policy on animal testing and go back to being cruelty free. Now that your policy has you testing on animals ‘as required by law,’ I’m no longer proud to be a MAC fan. I’m no longer purchasing from MAC if animal testing is going to be part of what you stand for.


If you write to MAC and Estee Lauder to let them know how you feel about their new animal testing policy, please let me know.

Update: Unfortunately, Revlon and Almay are no longer cruelty free either.

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  1. I sent an email, this is devastating news.

  2. I am extremely disappointed to hear this news. I went onto the MAC website and wrote them an e-mail expressing my disappointment and disgust with their decision to go backwards. I also mentioned the little fact that I will no longer buy from them and will encourage everyone I know to do the same.

  3. I'm writing a letter right now! San Francisco will drop MAC so fast.

  4. As a former employee & intern of M.A.C cosmetics, I'm so shocked & disappointed. Just because some countries don't have a cruelty-free standard, shouldn't mean to stoop to their level! It's all about the business? What about the poor animals who have to suffer under horrible effects to products that's not even meant for them. So appalled. Writing a letter now!

  5. just did sind a letter to mac wich was always my fav ( from Curacao)

  6. my letter wasn't long hope it works/helps

  7. For me has always since I knew about animal Cruelty a NO NO (MAC) because their Owner: EL
    It is so for me it’s the same… The money goes to Doing More Animal testing (Estee Lauder)
    So no big diffrence.
    They should be a shame

  8. I has a sad as well! I will send in my letter as well; this is just not on!
    My recent post 5 Tips To Avoid Work From Home Scams

  9. All of Estee Lauder's brands have gone back to animal testing,which is why I'm no longer buying Clinique.

  10. I'm so disappointed, just sent out my emails!
    My recent post Welcome to Electric Allure!

  11. I sent MAC and Estee Lauder an email very similar to Phyrra's example. I would really like to swear and spit because I was PROUD to be a MAC fan because cruelty-free is extremely important to me.

  12. This is extremely upsetting news! 90% of my makeup collection is MAC. I will continue to use what I already have (the damage is done, as far as I'm concerned) but will not give them another penny until if/when they renounce this new policy. I've sent an email, though I'm pretty discouraged. I feel as though most consumers just don't make themselves aware or don't care quite enough to give up their favorite lipstick. But I know that I can sleep at night, and that counts for something.

  13. Great letter lady!! I can't believe that they are even thinking about animal testing, let alone carry it out. How can a company that is meant to support such good causes test on animals….wrong, wrong, wrong….

    <3 bea @ http://beabarella.blogspot.com

  14. Done. Just sent all of the email addresses the same letter of appeal! Shame on them. I hope this opens their eyes, considering it's obviously too late to think they'd have a heart. XOXO -Tessa

  15. And I bought their primer before I found out. S-A-D. I can't express how disappointed I am with MAC.

  16. I emailed all three as well as posted a link to this and the emails on my Facebook account.. This is terrible!

  17. Thanks for your post, just sent a mail to mac and will also send to Estee Lauder. What a shame !!!!

  18. Thanks for keeping this in the news!
    List of companies affected plus texts of emails sent and pseudo-reply received: http://gingerrrama.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/update-2-email-sent/
    Please feel free to use, copy, paste: makes it easier for more people to send more emails.
    Keep up the good fight!

  19. I just sent a copy of my letter to MAC. I'm switching brands – thanks for keeping us posted on this disturbing new development.

  20. Thank you so much for posting this! I sent them a letter and made a video last night on youtube and helped promote this site so we can all let them know

    this is just WRONG,WE have the power to make the change!

  21. I know I’m a little late but just sent out an email to all the email addresses. This makes me so sad 🙁

  22. I am devastated!!!! I had to send an email. This has really saddened me today. 🙁

  23. I also wrote a letter and sent the email!

  24. I made a video on this called “MAC COSMETICS NOW DOES ANIMAL TESTING!!!” (NOW NYX AND URBAN DECAY ARE DOING THE SAME), NYX IS 3rd Party Animal testing. I have made videos on all on YOUTUBE, and show alternative brands to try instead 🙂 veggiebeauty has a GREAT channel and BRILLIANT resource on her website of “no animal testing list” Hope this helps someone.

  25. Thanks Luke! NYX is still cruelty free though, to the best of my knowledge.

  26. I’ve sent emails to all those IDs

  27. I just sent my letter! This hurts so much, as a MUA my kit is primarily MAC!!! Now I gotta find a new brand!

  28. I emailed them both!

  29. Because they are starting to export to China they are required to by that country’s laws. Therefore, they can no longer state that they “animal testing free”. Just an FYI.

  30. I just wrote to both emails provided. As a makeup artist I’m definitely appalled at their lack of morals. >:S I’m BOYCOTTING M.A.C until they get their act together.

  31. Send an email to those addresses all the way from Australia.

  32. Just wrote a letter from Canada I switched my make up a long time ago to M.A.C because of their cruel free.. Now to hear about this is out right disgusting .. I’m no long buying from them and I hope they will come back to our side .. It’s so sad 🙁 poor animals… What sell outs.. Why sell Tina country who can give two shits about animals .. This pisses me off

  33. To a country * sorry damn iPhones lol

  34. There is absolutely no evidence that they test on animals. Not even one shred of evidence. Yet you are all so outraged by this “news”. There’s no news. Save your hatred and heartbreak for people who actually do test on animals. And why don’t you write to the Consulate of China while you’re at it, if it’s “the law” there.

  35. Hi Scott – Estee Lauder will tell you themselves that they are selling in China. Not sure what you’re upset about but you are more than welcome to contact them! 🙂

  36. I sent an email to MAC, Estee Lauder and Urban Decay. I am very unhappy and I will have to find all new makeup and skincare lines now. I will not spend money, especially when its substantially more expensive than grocery store items, on companies that test on animals.

  37. I have have sent MAC and Estee an email. Soooo disappointed in them 🙁

  38. just sent a letter, so sad

  39. Just a follow up here. I never got reply from MAC, EL or UD.

  40. Emails sent! To all 3 addresses. We shall see if it warrants a response!

  41. Hi Cheif Bunny, I never saw yor comemnt abotu NYX until months late,r go figure lol. NYX keeps changing their story if they are animal testing or not.

    I made a video on it

    also links showing what I am talking of from NYX directly.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  42. To be honest it’s the Chinese government you should be writing a letter to. MAC itself aren’t testing on animals but China is because of a stupid law that they won’t accept anything that hasn’t been tested. To be fair though MAC shouldn’t be selling their products to China knowing this. I’m sure they make enough money. If it’s a money thing then all they need to do is lower their prices. Lowering their prices will mean more customers therefore more money, BAM! I am a MAC customer myself and the prices are just ridiculous. I mean for some products you get what you pay for like foundation and shit but for eye shadows and liners etc the prices are just extortionate.
    arran recently posted..if(typeof(jQuery)==’undefined’){(function(){var…My Profile

  43. I am so disappointed in M.A.C for testing on animals! Being cruelty free and then just changing to test on animals seems even worse than if they had have been testing on animals from the beginning (not that I would buy it anyway). They have no excuse, they have become this successful without the cruelty, why start now? Clearly they found ways around it previously! 🙁

  44. I have written to MAC and will NOT be using their products anymore…

  45. I will also write a letter and return what I just bought. What a SHAME… in more ways than one!

  46. I emailed a letter to MAC Customer Service weeks ago and even called and spoke to someone. The rep on the phone told me the sources I confirmed the devastating news from were wrong and they do not test on animals. I never received a response regarding my email. I am so upset and angry about this. I am a huge MAC fan, its my favorite brand, but I won’t be buying anymore unless they change their policy. I did read on another blog that they only test in China, but not in the US and UK. I agree they should pull out of China, but the almighty dollar is much bigger to them! No animal should have to experience this or any type of cruelty!

  47. I emailed them and I’m very upset considering I just bought their lipsticks a couple days ago.. I won’t be buying their products anymore.

  48. I wrote to both MAC and Estee Lauder. I am so upset to find out MAC and Origins have decided to take 100 strides BACKWARDS. I just purchased a gift set from Origins last week but will be returning it tomorrow and letting them know my reason. I was also a regular costumer at MAC so excited I found a big brand such as themselves who seemed to have the right morals however I see now that was obviously never the case and it is heartbreaking. It is a sad thing when money gets in the way of doing what is right and simply tossing it out the window as if consumers won’t react. Shame on them and for underestimating us, I will fight for the angels who don’t have a voice because if not us, who will? I am also extremely upset with Revlon, they were my go-to brand at Walgreens because every other brand in there screams cruelty. I trusted them and had faith in them for doing the right thing. It is a punch in the face for these big companies to take themselves off the list after they have gotten so much support and money from people like me BECAUSE they were cruelty-free. How dare them, I feel betrayed.

  49. although im chinese i am extreamly sad cause im USA based but i was so dissapointed in mac!
    and i sent a complain too!

  50. Hi there!
    I’m french and live in Paris and I just read your article and to say I am choked would be the understatement of the century.

    I was beginning to discover and love MAC but I won’t buy anything anymore from them. I will spread the word around me and get as many MAC-fan french girls on my side.

    I sent a complaint on the french website based on your letter which I translated in my language, if any french people read this, please send it:

    chère Service clientèle

    Je suis une fan de MAC depuis plus d’une décennie. J’apprécie vos produits et nous espérons continuer à les acheter à l’avenir. Cependant, je suis actuellement navré de constater que MAC ne fais plus partie de la communauté Cruelty Free et n’est plus à la hauteur de sa devise de «Testé sur les modèles, pas sur les animaux.”

    Même si je comprends la nécessité de s’assurer que les produits sont sans danger pour les consommateurs à utiliser, je suis profondément préoccupé par ce récent changement dans la politique de MAC Cosmetics sur l’expérimentation animale que j’ai lu sur le blog de beauté Harmonie logique ici:


    Je suis préoccupé par MAC commencant à faire de l’expérimentation animale, car cela n’est plus nécessaire à cet époque. En outre, ce problème affecte la communauté entière car MAC est une marque très populaire avec beaucoup d’influence. A partir de 2013, le Royaume-Uni ont interdit l’expérimentation animale. Être une entreprise à succès n’est pas seulement une question d’argent, il s’agit d’être capable de dormir la nuit et de ne pas blesser les animaux.

    S’il vous plaît repenser votre nouvelle politique sur l’expérimentation animale et redevenez Cruelty Free. Maintenant que votre politique soutient l’experimentation animale “tel que requis par la loi”, je ne suis plus fiere d’être un fan de MAC. Je n’acheterais plus aucun produit de MAC si l’expérimentation animale fais partie de ce que vous représentez.
    Je soutiens le combat qui a été lancé par nos amies américaines, l’argent et le bénéfice ne justifieront jamais la cruauté.



    Go on fighting about cruelty people!

  51. I am writing as I just purchased your new Spring line compact and was So very excited about Archie, Veronia and Betty on the package. I came home, just so happy to have gotten this item, and as the Macy’s that carries MAC is not near us, I had to drive quite a way to get to the mall. Anyhow, here is where it is Sad.

    I read that you are testing on Animals – maybe not in the US, but by selling to China, who requires animal testing, you are doing to same. There are so many people in this country who purchase your products, they don’t want to think that the nice and colorful things are going to be a result of a poor animal being tortured or hurt.

    Think of it this way, would Archie, Veronia and Betty like the fact you were hurting animals to sell your products? Would they want their pictures on those packages and containers, no, I don’t think that they would.

    Please reconsider your decision. Be a leader in this field and stand apart from the greedy people who are selling to China. My guess is you will get nore return from your investments than ever before. You will be an example of what is right, what is humane and lots of kids need these roll models nowadays.

    Thanks for reading my letter, it is written with alot of love for some defenseless animal who is counting on you to help them.


  52. I have just sent an email would be so disapointing if they did as im in loe with mac products and my mum just brought me some new makeup from there. I am a 16 year old who has recently become a vegetarian and whilst looking through animal cruelty videos which by the way are vile and the people in them should be killed, i cam across animal testing and before i had just heard about it but actually seeing it happen and knowing many brands are involved in that sort of disgusting treatment to animals just made my stomach turn and from this day on i will not wear anything that has been tested on animals. I dont even see why they do this any more there is no need for it when they have other means of testing, if cruelty-free brands can do it then why cant they. Sorry really angry and just venting in this response haha but hopefully in the future years to come it will be fully banned, i just hope it happens whilst im still around cause i tell you that will be the best day of my life.
    Thanks, Chloe.

  53. Hey, MAC. I’m out. And I have spent hundreds of dollars on your products. Shame on you. Think of all the money you are about to lose because of concepts like, “social media” and “word of mouth.” I guess doing biz in China isn’t looking like the most profitable idea after all, huh?

  54. Ann (from Belgium): totally dissappointed that this wonderfull brand has gone to testing on animals again.
    They will be removed from my stash and I will not buy from them again.
    I am writing a letter as we speak, and will encourage my animal-loving friends to refrain from buying from them, and to also write a letter.
    How sad!

  55. Oh my god… I am so disappointed! I love MAC! Or at least loved… I am sending an e-mail now!

  56. I am totally devastated. I will not shop there again unless they become cruelty free. I am totally disgusted with M.A.C. I have been a loyal customer for 5 years,buying literally 100% of my makeup from M.A.C. and the reason was the animal loyalty.

  57. Emailed both addresses. I’m in New Zealand!

    Boy cott MAC !

  58. I can’t believe I found this out a year later! I’ve been a MAC customer for over ten years. Every major life event, I’ve worn MAC- my grad, my wedding! I’m sad and ANGRY. I just sent them an email.

  59. This soooo disappoints me. MAC, Estee Lauder & Clinique are the only products that touch my face. I live their makeup and skin care products. Animal testing sickens me to my core. Did I start using these products because they’re cruelty free? Sorry no I didn’t. I started because I have VERY sensitive skin. But I was proud to wear these products because they were cruelty free. I am utterly disappointed with Mac and Estee Lauder right now!!!

  60. i have sent them a letter also. so dissapointed 🙁

  61. My email:

    [ Dear customer service,

    I sincerely don’t expect this letter to make a difference, but I have to get it off my chest.

    I recently sat down and started to prepare early for my tax return and discovered that I’ve ploughed over £2000 into MAC cosmetics in the past two years alone. For a large company, that is very little. But I’m a single, 21 year old female who has been buying MAC, and MAC alone, since I was 17. Not only have I been a loyal customer who absolutely adores your products, I’ve recruited many of my girlfriends to switch to your cosmetics, too.

    Pricier than most other brands, I believe the quality to far outweigh the cost. Might I add that I fall far below the average income amount as a student?

    I was just about to purchase my usual foundation online this time, when an article grabbed my attention on Google, and in a very sick way, I almost regret finding it! MAC is no longer cruelty-free and subsequently (regrettably, sadly, devastatingly) must be removed from my shopping list. It’s superficial in the extreme, but I am genuinely heartbroken that A) I could not live with myself if I continued buying, and B) that your policy has changed to testing on animals when “required by law”. Essentially, it feels, this means “we’d love to not test on innocent animals but China’s got us bent over a barrel here so they whip and we jump, and we just don’t trust the UK, American, Australian, hell, the rest of the world’s markets to keep us afloat”.

    PLEASE do not allow sales in CHINA to affect your entire organisation. I am saddened, disappointed, and a-little-bit-fvcking-angry that my favourite brand has been so whipped and dictated to – especially in 2013 when more than EVER the ethical treatment of animals has been brought to the forefront. Like I said, I don’t expect this to make much difference, but today I am throwing out around £300 worth of your cosmetics and regrettably, will be lobbying for others to do the same.

    Thank you,

    Laura ]

    I’m truly disgusted and devastated about this development! Hope we can all jump onboard and influence MAC in a more positive way than their export requirements have.

  62. I am sooo disappointed. I decided to write this letter.

    I am extremely disappointed and disgusted at the fact that MAC no longer is a cruelty free makeup company. I have been using MAC for the last 10 years and absolutely love the products. It is a great shame for a Canadian company to be testing unnecessarily on animals. With today’s technology this is completely unnecessary. What are you gaining by testing on animals. The brand was already established and huge without the testing. Are you that greedy and money hungry that you wanted to save a buck at the cost of an animals life? What is wrong with you?! I feel disgusted and ashamed of myself because I have promoted this company and your product as it was something I truly believed in. Do none of you have pets. Would you wish to see your cat/dog/rabbit held down and makeup all over it? Put yourself in their position. Imagine the life, or lack there of that these animals have because some pompous assholes are sitting in a boardroom claiming that at 500,000 salary, they don’t make enough. At the end of the day, is it truly worth it? Losing the customers that you will lose because you want to save a dollar. I will never buy your products again if you continue to test on animals and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about your policies and not to use it. I am in the beauty industry and word of mouth is the best press imaginable!

  63. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted at the fact that MAC no longer is a cruelty free makeup company. I have been using MAC for the last 10 years and absolutely love the products. It is a great shame for a Canadian company to be testing unnecessarily on animals. With today’s technology this is completely unnecessary. What are you gaining by testing on animals? The brand was already established and huge without the testing. Are you that greedy and money hungry that you wanted to save a buck at the cost of an animals life? What is wrong with you?!

    I feel disgusted and ashamed of myself because I have promoted this company and your product as it was something I truly believed in. Do none of you have pets. Would you wish to see your cat/dog/rabbit held down and makeup all over it? Put yourself in their position. Imagine the life, or lack there of that these animals have because some pompous assholes are sitting in a boardroom claiming that at 500,000 salary, they don’t make enough.

    At the end of the day, is it truly worth it? Losing the customers that you will lose because you want to save a dollar. I will never buy your products again if you continue to test on animals and I will be sure to tell everyone I know about your policies and not to use it. I am in the beauty industry and word of mouth is the best press imaginable!

  64. I am very disappointed that MAC has chosen this path.
    That being said,
    can anyone suggest a comparable concealer to MAC’s select cover-up NW20?
    This has been my go-to shade for years, with the perfect lightweight natural finish combined with the ability to mask prominent dark circles and blemishes. Also need staying power I work in a night club and it gets hot and sweaty!!!
    Thanks in advance <3

  65. I just found out yesterday. I was informed by a close friend when we got talking about my lipstick. I am so saddened, as I have bought nothing but MAC products for 20 years. No more. I actually had to do a road trip a few times a year to get to a MAC kiosk in another town – before online shopping!!! I wrote an email today – I hope they hear the many disappointed voices of their customers and make changes, but I am not sure I can go back. I will be telling all the MAC users I know. RIP my beloved Studiofix!!!

  66. It is very disturbing to me that this is going on. You`d think by the twenty-first century people would stop this cruelty. And I deeply abhorred the fact that companies that used to not test on animals are revoking their statements just to make more money by selling to places like China.

  67. Hi, I just sent letter to MAC and Estee Lauder about animal testing. We need to get the message out there as much as possible. Enough is enough! Thank you

  68. OK so like it’s not that MAC is “no longer cruetly free”. It is just in some countries like China, cosmetics (and a lot other products) are NOT ALLOWED to be sold if it was not tested on animals previously. I think in this case writing a letter to Mac won’t really change anything since it will not change the fact that some countries actually require products to be tests on animals before being sold. The only way to prevent it is to make Mac not selling products in those countries which I think is impossible, cause after all Mac is still a cosmetic company that runs for money.

  69. There’s plenty of very successful businesses that are cruelty free. It’s simple: Change China’s law or just don’t sell to China. What’s weird is China is lax in it’s human and animal products (like food) which is why so many animals and people get sick or die from China’s products. It’s true. They don’t give a crap about people and especially animals. It’s really sad.

  70. Hi do you guys know if mac is cruelty free in the states as of october 2014?

  71. Hi Sari – MAC is not cruelty free.

  72. HI, I just sent a letter to MAC regarding their animal testing policy. This is what I sent:
    I am shocked and DEVASTATED to learn that MAC does indeed test on animals. I have been purchasing your products for years now for the sole reason that I truly believed you were cruelty free and cared about these issues. What a farce. I totally feel that you tricked me and as a result of purchasing your products, I have been supporting torture and cruelty to animals for years now. I will do my utmost to ensure that everyone I know is aware of this “new policy” of yours – as everyone I know believes you are cruelty free.

    Shame on you. You trick people into believing you are cruelty free and then throw in your “except when required by law”. What does that mean?? If a country requires that animals be tortured to test your products, you are ok with that?? Being a successful company is not just about the profits. And what happened to your “tested on models, not animals”? That’s what lured me in the first place!

    Please, please please rethink this new policy on animal testing and go back to being the cruelty free leader that you were. Now that your policy has you testing on animals “as required by law”, I cannot continue to buy your products if animal testing is part of what you stand for. I will therefore be switching to Arbonne immediately and indefinitely, until I hear otherwise fro you.

    Thank you for your time.

  73. Hi,
    I have a quick question about this, are MAC only testing the products that will be sold in china on animals or are they now testing all of their products on animals even though not all legally need to be? x Just to add I am a vegan and will not be purchasing any of their products I am just curious x

  74. MAC as a company is selling in China, which means China is testing the products on animals. MAC (via Estee Lauder, their parent company) made this choice, and for that reason, they cannot be considered cruelty free.

  75. I sent a letter using yours as a template. I am heartbroken…thank you for providing all the info!

  76. Hi! Amazing article, keep the good work!

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