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NOTD: Nuance by Salma Hayek

Nuance Salma Hayek nail polish

I recently received some Nuance nail polish by Salma Hayek to try out. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Salma’s line, it includes nail polish, color cosmetics, skin care, body care AND hair care! You can find it at CVS drugstore (exclusively). It’s cruelty free, and that is a huge plus for those of us cruelty free gals who have trouble finding good drugstore products!

Here’s the deal with the polish. I am in LOVE with the colors – love, love, love, love! The color above is called My Favorite Nail Lacquer – 350. But, the formula was disappointing. It was very thick, so as you can see in the pic above, a bit messy to apply. It also bubbled up right away, and the thickness meant it didn’t dry quickly so I got those “dents” from touching things hours after applying it (after I took the pic above).

It’s inexpensive and widely available, so that’s a plus. I haven’t tried thinning it, but that might be an option. I’m seriously obsessed with this color though, so next time I apply, I’ll try to do a thinner coat.

What are you thoughts? Have you tried any Nuance products? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi,
    I have a question about Cover Girl cosmetics. I recently bought a Cover Girl mascara and really liked it. I thought it might be cruelty free because Ellen Degeneres endorses it. I would like to hear your thoughts on it. I had been using MAC mascara but stopped because they are under the Estee Lauder umbrella.
    One more question I am looking to replace my bronzer. I would like to choose a vegan brand. I am in my 50’s so I need one that would suit older skin. I hate to admit that I love Channel’s cream bronzer but I would like to find one that is vegan. Your blog is very helpful and I am glad we have a place to go to help us make good choices.

    Thank you,
    Lindsey Deon

  2. Hi Lindsey! Cover Girl is not cruelty free unfortunately. I would recommend Wet N Wild, Milani or Physician’s Formula for drugstore brands. As for a bronzer, you should check out Youngblood (ybskin.com), Stila, Tarte or Too Faced.

  3. I recently purchased the Nuance top coat from CVS. I am quite disapointed with it. Although it looks super shiny, it flakes off the next day. I thought at first I may have applied it on oily finger nails however, the next day I cleaned those nails dry and reapplied the nail polish. The following day I had the same flaking result. Very bad. Not happy. Will return it if I can.

  4. Hi! Thanks for all that you do. How do we know Naunce is really cruelty free ( not selling in China)? I can’t find their website to email them. Also, I don’t see it on your cruelty free list. Maybe I missed it…

  5. Hi Bella – Nuance is available at CVS. Their reps have assured me they are cruelty free.

  6. Hi
    I just bought their pink color (New Primrose) #330. I have been looking for this color everywhere! I am having the same problems that you are with the thickness and the Bubbling up. My question is how do you thin out the polish? I need this color so returning it isn’t an option. Thanks!
    Beauty Junkie♥

  7. Sorry I forgot to add that the pink kinda goes on blotchie. Meaning that parts you can kinda see through the polish. I love this color though!!

  8. I think you can buy nail polish thinner but I’ve never done it!

  9. I was so sad to see the negative reviews! I just bought primerose last week and was so happy with it I thought if check out what cyberspace said about it. It was thick, but because it was I only had to put on one coat with a top coat (I use Rock Hard from Sally’s) I was so happy with the result and I am ROUGH on my nails (I’m an art teacher and a mother of twins who hates the dishwasher) I took the polish off today only because I change it everyweek but not a chip was there!

  10. I had the same experience as Lena and also looked up reviews because I was so happy with the product. I tried Desert Mist. Love the color. Went on like a dream with one coat. And no chipping. That is a first for me.

  11. I have to say that I love this polish and I’m going to go out and get a whole bunch of colors. I’m an artist and constantly have my hands in paints and other materials and this is the first polish that has actually stayed on. What I suggest is doing a thin coat and letting it dry for an hour before putting on a second coat. But then it stays on for days. And I love the way it levels when you brush on a bit to cover any chips. And it removes quite easily without staining your fingernails even when I was wearing the dark blue. I think this is one of the best polishes I’ve ever used.

  12. Absolutely love this! Same thing with the thickness of the lacquer. I have Prickly Pear and Goldstone. Goldstone is the BEST gold polish I have ever had it looks like you dipped your hand into gold. And the charred green of prickly pear! i’m wearing it now it is a color that will look well on everyone. Highly recommend this and I am most definitely buying more!

  13. Just a few things I have learned… 1. Nail polish too thick? Thin it with nail polish remover. A little goes a long way. 2. If your nails get a little messy from the polish, take an orange stick (wooden cuticle pusher- in case you’ve never heard them called that before), lightly wrap one end in cotton (even less than a Q-tip) dip it in nail polish remover and swab away mistakes. If your “scrubbie” gets too dirty, take off the dirty cotton and do it again.
    As for the polish itself- I love this brand. I can use 1 coat and get great results, but prefer to use two for better results. I just put on the Prickly Pear color- love it! Looking forward to getting additional colors!

  14. I’ve tried all of their laquers and never had the thickness issue once, probably because I apply it correctly in multiple thin layers.

  15. I purchased the nuance coral lipstick and I LOVEEEEEEEEEE it. It feels so smooth and leaves my lips feeling nice and smooth. Only thing the color doesn’t last too long but I love reapplying it!!

  16. I buy the Nuance ultra shine top coat since I love my nails to be clear and glossy and this brand is fabulous! I just apply one coat and it dries quickly 🙂 very happy with this brand 🙂

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