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NYX Cosmetics Unraveled Makeup Set Review and Tutorial

Thursdays with Cheeky Rox: NYX Cosmetics Unraveled Makeup Set Review and Tutorial As a makeup lover, I’ve always been a fan of NYX Cosmetics. They have TONS of high-quality, cruelty free makeup products. NYX definitely holds the key to my heart with their wide array of cosmetics and when I saw ...

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Laritzy Cruelty Free Beauty Box – December 2015

Cruelty Free Beauty Delivered To Your Door Boy, the holidays just creeped up on us and Bam! Before you know it, it’s all done and here we are in a new year making new resolutions and looking forward to the future.  I’ve got my first baby on the way and ...

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Pamper Your Skin with Magic Organic Apothecary

Thursdays with Cheeky Rox: Magic Organic Apothecary As a beauty blogger, I’m always taking care of my skin… but during the Winter months, I really like to pamper myself. I’m talking hot baths, hydrating face masks, loading up on moisturizer – the whole shebang! Recently, I’ve been trying a few products from cruelty-free ...

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How to Find Cruelty Free Cosmetics

How Do I Find Out if a Brand is Cruelty Free?

How To Find Cruelty Free Products With so much confusion over finding truly cruelty free cosmetics and health brands, and so many brands spinning falsehoods that SOUND good on paper, but don’t mean much, what’s a consumer to do? I want to give you a guide to put the power ...

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Pyore Argan-Apple Nourishing Night Cream Review

Pyore Argan-Apple Nourishing Night Cream A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Stem Cell & Green Tea Oil Balancing Day Cream from the cruelty-free skincare brand, Pyore. I’ve been seeing lots of visible results in the texture and tone of my skin, so I’ve definitely been wanting to try out some more ...

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Vintners Daughter Serum

Luxury Facial Oil – Vintner’s Daughter

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum was born out of the desire to have a luxury, highly active serum free from harmful toxins. Disappointed with all-natural products that weren’t in fact “all-natural” vintner, April Gargiulo, along with natural beauty industry experts, spent two years researching and formulating the luxury facial oil. ...

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Nurse Jamie Los Angeles

Nurse Jamie and the Beauty Bear

Nurse Jamie Fights Wrinkles with the Beauty Bear Just had my first visit with the extremely talented Nurse Jamie at Beauty Park Medical Spa. Nurse Jamie (AKA Jamie Sherrill) is the owner of Beauty Park Medical Spa in Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi. Jamie is a registered nurse and skincare ...

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ADORAtherapy Aromatherapy

ADORAtherapy Aromatherapy After reading Adoratherapy’s mission and closely examining some of their vegan product line, they seem to be a great deal more than just another aromatherapy company. Their mission and modernized methods of bringing the powers of scent-based healing to the masses are definitely worth a look. If you’re ...

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Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes Pur Cosmetics

Vegan Makeup Brushes from PUR Minerals

It’s easy to find synthetic makeup brushes, but not always easy to find GOOD QUALITY cruelty free makeup brushes! I recently had the pleasure of trying out the entire NEW range of PUR Minerals vegan brushes, and I am happy to report that these are top notch! Oftentimes synthetic brushes ...

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