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Rose Gold Elixir Wild Beauty

Rose Gold Elixir by Wild Beauty

I know you’ve all been dying to hear about the Rose Gold Elixir by Wild Beauty .Well today is your day! This product comes in a darling 1 fl oz glass bottle with an eye dropper for easy application. (I love the dropper because with as clumsy as I am, I ...

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Cocoa Brown Tanning Kit Review

If you think faux tanning is important in the summer, it’s even more important in the winter when there’s no sun to be found! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have an ongoing love affair with having tanned skin.  When I was a child I was always out ...

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guide to lashes

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Natural Lashes

I can’t think of one person who doesn’t want full, gorgeous, fluttery lashes. Can you? Even when you have a “no makeup” day, many of us still opt for at least a coat of mascara and lip balm. Can’t help it. #gottahavethoselashes. Let’s go over some tips to get the ...

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winter skin mybeautybunny

Four Ways To Look Your Best During Winter

Winterize Your Skin Winter Season can wreck havoc on all skin types if we don’t have a plan of action in place. Is it just me, or do we all just want to curl up in front of a warm fire and hide in our fuzzy socks until its over? ...

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redhead makeup tips

Top 3 Makeup Tips for Redheads

Makeup Tips for Redheads! If you are a redhead, then you know 2 things: 1. You are unique. Only 2% of the world’s population has red hair. 2. It’s hard to find real makeup tips from someone who understands. So, from one redhead to another, here are some answers to ...

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how to get the best sleep mybeautybunny

How To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life

Better Sleep Makes A Better You. We all know how critical it is to get a good night’s rest, but do we actually get enough sleep on the regular to benefit from those Z’s? Sleeping sound-fully allows us to recharge for the following day, give our bodies a chance to ...

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milani eye tech perfection eye liner mybeautybunny

Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner Review

Milani Eye Tech Perfection Review Milani’s Eye Tech Perfection will change your life. This liquid liner is amazing! Just from the first picture I’m sure you’re already confused about the packaging. It’s weird, right? Well there is purpose to it. Instead of the traditional packaging of eyeliners in a straight barrel, ...

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DIY Gift Ideas

DIY Gifts for Friends and Family

Tis’ the season for shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Almost everywhere you turn there is a sale to lure you in, I get it! I totally do. But how amazing is it when someone actually makes a gift for you too? It’s that little added touch of thoughtfulness that really ...

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Simple Ways To Relax Around The Holiday Season

The holiday season is supposed to be filled with laughter, love and relaxation. For most, it’s a stressful time as you rush around shopping, attending events, decorating, cooking and more. Instead of stressing, take a moment to breathe and relax. When you start feeling tense and anxious this holiday season, ...

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Ashley Smith Polaris Cosmetics Brow Expert

Brows that Wow! Before and After Pics!

When I go too long without getting my brows done, I usually try to keep them trimmed and shaped, and for some reason they always turn into upside down U’s with bald spots. Not so good at doing my own brows. That’s why I was super excited to get my ...

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