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Pet Safety Tips for the 4th of July

4th of July Pet Safety

As the Fourth of July approaches, many people venture outside to enjoy the warm weather, hang with friends and family, and eat good food. People often take their pets outside to enjoy the festivities as well. My sweet little dog is terrified of almost every person and dog on the planet (other than myself, my fiance and like two other people), so we don’t take him anywhere! But, many of you do, so I wanted to give you some friendly reminders that you can share with your friends on social media.

Pets are more susceptible to accidents and traumatic events during the Fourth of July than their human counterparts. Below are five tips that will keep your pet safe during this summer holiday.

Keep fireworks and firework displays away from your pet

If your pet is around detonating fireworks they may be burned by them. Kind of obvious. But, even unlit fireworks can be fatal to your pet, because fireworks contain toxic materials such as arsenic and heavy metals. And animals like to put weird things in their mouths! Pets may also become confused and scared because of loud firework displays. Instead of taking your pet out during the fireworks show, make sure they are safely inside or in a quiet place where they can relax (or hide!).

Keep insecticides, lighter fluid, and oils out of the reach of your pet

Many common household objects contain materials and chemicals that are irritating or toxic to your animal friend. Lighter fluid may irritate the skin of your animal when it comes in contact with it, and ingested lighter fluid can damage the central nervous system.

Certain oils are harmful when ingested or inhaled so it’s best to keep your pet away from all oil-based skincare, SPF, insecticide and other products used typically when you are outside.

Do not use sunscreen or insect repellent made for humans on your pet

There are specific sunscreens and insect repellents that are created just for pets. Do not place products that are made for humans on your pet for any reason, especially insect repellents because the chemical DEET can lead to problems with the nervous system of your pet.

Do not leave alcoholic drinks unattended around pets

As with other foods and beverages that are for human consumption, beverages that are alcoholic may be poisonous to pets. If accidentally ingested by your pet, they can become intoxicated, weak, or even drift into a coma. Your pet can even develop a case of alcohol poisoning which may result in death from a failing respiratory system. When in doubt, please remember this small bit of advice: if you would not give it to or allow your child around it then your furry fiend should not be given or around it either.

Know what to do if your pet does get lost

The ASPCA is celebrating ID Your Pet Day on July 1st – a holiday to raise awareness about the importance of tagging your pets with a personalized ID tag. This holiday is especially timely as it’s just a few days prior to July 4th – the time of year when many pets go missing due to fireworks and other loud noises.

You can download the ASPCA mobile app to help if your pet does go missing. You get a personalized missing pet recovery kit, including step-by-step instructions on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances. You also get critical advice on what to do with your pet before, during, and after a natural disaster – even if there’s no data connectivity. It also stores and manages your pet’s critical health records. Check it out and share the ‘IDs, Please!’

ASPCA ID Your Pet Day

Oh – and remember to keep your pet cool and hydrated because pets do not have the ability to sweat like humans to keep themselves cool. You can help protect animals and get the word out by sharing these tips on social – use the sharing buttons below!

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  1. Really nice tips. Thank you for thi article. It is to much important to not forget to keep our pet cool, fresh and hydrated because they can’t sweat like us to keep themselves cool. Protect them is the most important thing that we, Dog lovers can do for them.

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