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SheaMoisture Baby review by My Beauty Bunny

SheaMoisture Essentials for Baby

SheaMoisture products are a favorite in my household, even moreso since the new addition to the family. Not only have they always given me a sense of relief in the ingredients they use, but they have such a large range of products that are useful to everyone in the family. ...

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hair remedie towel

Hair Remedie Towel Review

I have dry, fragile, curly, and bleached hair. Needless to say, it requires quite a lot of TLC. Though I have a rather extensive hair care regimen, IΒ never paid any attention to what sort of towel I used to dry my hair with.Β I was a bit skeptical when I decided ...

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Cool Red Hair Color

Cool Red Hair Color for Winter

My hair guru, Patricia Lynn Laas, told me she wanted to try something new with my hair. She’s like a master sushi chef – I trust her completely and let her do what she wants, because I always like how it turns out. She tried some brunette and cool red ...

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Hair Thinning Treatment PRP

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Anyone (male or female) suffering from hair loss or balding wants answers! There’s only so much a shampoo or topical treatment can do. Hair transplants are an option if you have enough hair and can afford the surgery. But, what about PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or stem cell therapy? You ...

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5 Essential Hair Masks for Healthier, Shinier Hair my beauty bunny

5 DIY Hair Masks for Healthier, Shinier Hair

5 DIY Hair Masks For Shiny Hair You could spend a small fortune on specialty hair masks or you could use all natural ingredients and make your own. Fruits, vegetables, honey and oils are commonly used to moisturize, strengthen and repair your hair. Using these masks once a week can ...

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Surya Brasil

Unique Hair Care from Surya Brasil

Abi Mogge, Staff Writer. I’m here to report that dyeing my hair with henna has become my favorite new way to change up my look, thanks to Surya Brasil’s henna cream. Changing your hair color is an instant pick-me-up and the semi-permanence of henna cream makes this a great option ...

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