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Enessa Skin Care Review

Enessa – Essential Oil Skin Essentials

  Vegan Skincare for Acne-Prone Skin We all battle with our skin, right? Balance is hard to find; if we’re too oily, we overdose on acne creams that strip our skin. If we’re too dry, we slather on the moisturizer until we’re greased up like an oil field. What I ...

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Acure Foaming Shaving Gel and Dorco Shai Razor Review by My Beauty Bunny

Get A Smooth, Vegan Shave with Acure and Dorco!

Vegan Razors and Shaving Gel There are some things you never think about being cruelty free or vegan. Paper towel? Razors? What do they do, shave the bunnies? But you need to think about it. Those companies are owned by the same giant corporations that are responsible for all of ...

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Vegan Cuts July Box Review

Vegan Cuts: July Beauty Box

There are a lot subscription boxes these days – everything from beer to chocolates to makeup. This month, Vegan Cuts delivered one of their Beauty Boxes to my door. Every month, they curate a fabulous little box of β€œgirly stuff” (read: makeup, skin care, etc.) and send it out to ...

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Veganlicious Beauty: Nutriganics Skincare from The Body Shop

Anti Aging Skincare from The Body Shop The Body Shop has a skin care line for just about everyone’s facial care needs: Tea Tree for oily skin, Aloe for sensitive skin, and Pomegranate for wrinkles, to name a few. I’ve sampled products from a number of these lines, but this ...

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Veganlicious Beauty: The Best of Vegan Wrinkle Creams

Top Choices for Vegan Wrinkle Creams I ended up with a few products for “mature” skin. Somehow, I didn’t feel qualified to review them. Luckily, my beautiful and brilliant mother was more than happy to help out. All of the thoughts in this review come directly from her. And having ...

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true natural self tanner My Beauty Bunny

Veganlicious Beauty: True Natural Self Tanner

Vegan Self Tanner If you’ve seen any pictures of me, (try my Instagram or a few other My Beauty Bunny reviews), you’ll know that I’m a lily white redhead. So white that it hurts. So when this cruelty-free, vegan self tanner by True Natural showed up on my desk, I ...

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